What I learned from mining researcher questions

6 minute read

I decided to get into text mining. Considering that I have basic programming skills, and I want to do some text mining for academic purposes, plus I’ve alrea...

Creativity vs Innovation

4 minute read

A few days ago I attended a fantastic workshop with a group of innovators from across corporate London, where the facilitators encouraged us to think about t...

Courage, where is it?

2 minute read

I never thought of what courage was or whether I had any until I volunteered to speak at The Quarter Club a few weeks ago. It was an incredible experience! A...

Helping the world, one painting at a time

2 minute read

Modern masterpieces have big messages. About good and evil. Right and wrong. They challenge political establishments. Or the inhumane acts of this world. Mod...

Five female artists today

2 minute read

Last year someone asked me who inspired me. And I had mostly male painters on my mind. Since then, I made it a habit to pay attention to the female artists. ...

Three activities to spice up sizeable workshops

4 minute read

We have all been to workshops that last a whole day, but feel more like a week. Whilst the information we gain from these events is incredible, and the peopl...

Research data spring

3 minute read

This post originally appeared on Jisc Research Data

A crazy yellow theory - the vernissage

less than 1 minute read

Last Friday was incredible. It was beyond my expectations. Thank you all for coming and contributing to an unforgettable opening night for my first solo exhi...

Dear commuters,

1 minute read

Like many of you, I find myself on autopilot every morning. I look at my phone, or gaze at the road just barely noticing anything or anyone. I am focused on ...

How to be a great artist

2 minute read

A few things are coming to mind. I am reading: “What are you looking at? 150 years of modern art in the blink of an eye” by Will Gompertz whilst trying to fi...

6 experiments to explain everyday life

5 minute read

If you love deep conversations and intellectual challenges, then you must have used a gamut of theories and thought experiments that explain our every day...

How to be happy in London

less than 1 minute read

Smile, Smile more, Smile at everyone, Smile a lot even if it’s not sunny.

The meaning of yellow roses

1 minute read

Yellow roses back home are a sign of parting. We give yellow flowers to people that are about to leave our lives for ever. We bring yellow flowers to funeral...

Creativity GYM

3 minute read

or how to train the crazy creative inside us

What’s that crazy yellow theory?

less than 1 minute read

In a chaotic time, I sit in my studio flat. I try to relax. It’s been a long day at work. Loads of projects. Loads of people. Everyone wants some attention. ...

Printmaking with #christieslates

1 minute read

Today was my second time at #ChristiesLates, and although I expected that, just like with any other event series, it would be the same thing. It was absolute...

Working on a bad habit that I want to keep

2 minute read

Ok, so I have a full time job which I really like and I am really passionate about. And as everyone else, I am exhausted when I get back home after work. So ...

What art-ful meditation does to a scientist

4 minute read

I was helping a friend with her personal statement for med school when I came across a very interesting word document in my old grad school application fo...

Allow me

less than 1 minute read

Allow me The king of social media To tell you What’s right and wrong In this world.

About efficiency and creativity

1 minute read

There are many contradictory quotes and common understandings about creativity, efficiency, cleanliness and mess. If you abide by some and not the others, it...


less than 1 minute read

Lead runs through your veins Instead of neurons you have chains your clothes are dirty with hydrogen your soul so cold, it fries in liquid nitrogen. You slee...


1 minute read

If I could measure time not in terms of seconds, minutes, hours or days. Just think about it, if I could measure time not in terms of seconds, minutes, hours...

I n I forever loing jah

4 minute read

Honorable mention at the MacKnight Black Poetry Competition in 2009.