Working on a bad habit that I want to keep

2 minute read

Ok, so I have a full time job which I really like and I am really passionate about. And as everyone else, I am exhausted when I get back home after work. So as we all do, I start online browsing, watching videos, looking at Facebook feeds and other social media related activities. Why? Because it is easy, it’s passive but exciting at the same time. You just watch and let your brain rest. Your brain doesn’t have to get engaged in any strenuous activity like solving a problem; you are just watching or reading other people’s problems. And long story short, I have most definitely built a habit; I am an addict of sitcoms, youtube videos of Graham Norton, Jimmy Kimmel and the likes, and any other TV show that plays on YouTube. Though I rarely stay beyond my bedtime for these.

I am not watching everything. I am quite selective. I only watch either funny savvy videos, or quite interesting and informative TV shows, like Bones and The Good Wife. Or I might just be convincing myself that this is not bad. In reality, this is indeed a damaging habit. There are many more things that would be more useful for me to do in order to grow as a person. But when I am faced with the decision of enjoying a flick vs learning to code or remembering some accounting; of course I go for the flick. And I say to myself, just one and then I will be relaxed enough to pick up any other errands. And what do you think happens? Yes, the digital media and video industry have managed to find the sweet spot. I watch one and I can’t stop, I go for the next suggestion.

So, in order to beat this. But really I am not beating this, because I don’t want to give up watching movies and TV shows. It’s not critical for my life, but it’s something I like and I genuinely want to continue doing. But to transform this into a nicer sounding habit, I started painting in parallel. On one hand I have my computer running some YouTube video playlists of Graham Norton, or a chick flick; and on the other side, I am in my creative corner in my little studio flat in London working on some painting. I am a true double tasker here and proud of it! I also managed to set up my creative space so well, I am impressed myself, and I am not easily impressed, that both the painting and my computer are in my visual zone.

I love painting, it relaxes me. But what relaxes me even more, is painting while I watch some stupid but funny videos in parallel. And here is when I conclude that impossible is nothing. You can do both stupid/useless things at the same time as nurturing a real interesting hobby. Good luck!