Helping the world, one painting at a time

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Modern masterpieces have big messages. About good and evil. Right and wrong. They challenge political establishments. Or the inhumane acts of this world. Modern masterpieces excite and flummox us. They make us think and question. They are here to argue with our accepted and forgotten opinions. Sometimes, they even make us ardently want to change the world.

I am no famous artist, nor a creator of masterpieces. But I want to change at least one thing with my art. Make at least on small contribution. Not in a theoretical way, but actually quite practical. And I need your help:

Being a doctor is hard, becoming one can be impossible…

We are so privileged in the relatively safe medical harbors of developed societies, that we can’t imagine having no access to a qualified and passionate physician. But around the world, this is a luxury. And being a doctor is hard, but becoming one can be impossible. Beside going through a challenging study programme, the successful doctor cannot be hemophobic, homophobic, hypochondriac, or generally weak and unsociable.

You have to be smart so you can remember all the human body functions and dysfunctions. You have to be social in stressful situations, yes life and death. You need to be committed and cannot just give up at sight of a first challenge. You also need to have money to pay for medical school. And not only is this combination very rare amongst those who want to practice in the UK, or the USA, or Europe or other developed countries; it is even more so for those that want to go in the middle of a war zone.

The torso, work in progress
The torso, work in progress.

How can we help?

When you find that one person that goes through multiple tries at becoming a doctor. An intelligent woman or man who pursues this career with passion and commitment. Who is everything a doctor can be in the head and at heart, but is missing just those few thousand euros to get through medical school. Then we know we can help. We can help one person go from a student without borders to a medicin sans frontières. We help one person become a doctor that saves lives in places where we fear to travel.

Me and ‘Wuthering heights’
Me and ‘Wuthering heights’.

My aim is to fund one medical student get through a second or third year in medical school. For that I need to raise €12,000. The Emergency access only painting you see at the top of this post is up for sale, along with 24 others. I will be adding 25 more paintings and all the profits from selling these 50 paintings over July and August 2017 will go towards the medical school fees for the academic year 2017/2018 for one student. It is a small start, but I hope it will flourish.

Mick Jagger’s mouth in the #acrazyyellotheory style
Mick Jagger’s mouth in the #acrazyyellotheory style.

If you would like to support a medical student become a doctor and join Medicins Sans Frontiers; or if you would just like to have a wonderful yellow painting in your flat, then get in touch to buy a crazy yellow theory painting!

At Camden Market
At Camden Market, selling some paintings.