Digital paintings, 2019-2020

I got into painting digitally because I had no more space to store the paintings I was creating. Back in 2018/9, I would just draw and paint whenever I was waiting for something. So many of my digitals started on my commute. And the most recent ones from 2020, are still about my commute, but without me being there:

Events Commute, 03, 2020 Commute, 04, 2020 Commute, 05, 2020 Commute, 01, 2019 Floating, 2020 Commute, 0, 2019 Home, no commute, 2021 Office, 1, 2021
Digital paintings while working from home, 2020

I also jotted down in a kid-like approach the paintings I’d come across while visiting museums, or developing some ideas on a variety of topics.

At the Madrid National Museum At the National Gallery in London Commodification, 2020
At museums, or just musing, 2019-2020

On my instagram account acrazyyellowtheory you can find more work in progress versions of my digital paintings, but here’s one of them.

Commute, 02, progress, 2020 Commute, 02, 2020
Digital, work in progress for a painting on my commute, 2020

These days, I try to use the digital process to improve my painting skills!