Trees and nature, 2015-2018

The series of trees was born out of an experiment with color and paste. It is an extension of my crazy yellow theory.

Tree of Love Daphne What is love, or the burning tree
Trees, paintings from as early as 2015
Tree of Life, sold London Rain, sold Tree of the brave, sold Fool's Garged Lemon Tree, sold
Trees, sold or gifted

I first painted the tree of life. I remember, when I was young my mom had this very interesting plant. It had very brown core and very succulent and green leaves. I never saw it flowering. But my mom used to say that it is called The Tree of Life. I was confused. It wasn’t a tree and it definitely didn’t seem to show life (I thought flowers were representing the continuity of life).

It was called the The Tree of Life because you could just take one of its leaves, plant it, and sure enough a new The Tree of Life would start growing. Either way, that was not my idea of a The Tree of Life. So recently I decided to take it upon me.

My second tree – the Fools garden lemon tree is an extension of my crazy yellow theory. I wanted something different from everyday life. Still a recognizable tree, but a memorable one. So, yellow it is. With a neon leaves. My friends say it’s burning. But it just reminds me of the song by Fool’s garden – Lemon Tree.

My partner loves it. He said I should paint some more. So I did.

Here are also some pictures to show the embossed bits of the trees:

Tree of Life, Tree of Love
Trees, embossing