Happiness is a state of mind that prolongs your life. The more you smile, the more you will live.

Smiling sends a signal to the brain and your mood is up. All of a sudden you have loads of energy. This works both ways – whether you smiled first or you thought you were happy first. Either way, the brain recognizes that event and starts the release of the happy hormones.

There are loads of things about happiness. A lot of research has been done around our reaction as humans to happiness in a gamut of academic areas: biology, human behavior, gerontology… Even economists have tried to assess the level of happiness in any one country and find patterns and correlations with the level of development.

In art, there are many works that render their watchers happy. It could be the colors or the content. A happy child, or a happy cat, a colorful butterfly, or the sun are all concepts that make us smile. But what do paintings look like, when the artist is happy in that very moment that she picks up the brush?

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