What’s the color of angry? Is it really red? It has become a stereotypically accepted thing that red is angry. You think about the bulls and the matadors holding their muletas. But the bulls are not after the red, the bulls are after whatever is moving. So if the matador was there dancing like me on a Friday night, he would still run, grab him with his horns and throw him 20 or more meters away.

So what is the color of angry? It could still be red. But do you blush when you are angry? And aren’t your eyes red after you cried? Why do we then think of red when angry?

Do you remember the first Matrix movie. The lady in red. Walking amongst the sea of virtual people. Now that is an implied sex-appeal, not anger.

Then again, one begs the question. What is the colour of angry? If not with a colour, then how can a painting make you angry? Or, what do you paint, when you are angry?


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